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I am looking at buying an 07 either crew max or double cab 5.7 and had a few questions. If anyone has input on any of them it would be appreciated.

With the double cab vs. crew cab decision does anyone use the truck for work and put some occasional tools etc in the back, and if so which did you choose and how do the seats seem to function. I looked at the crew max, but it seemed impractical with the seats folding down to put anything on top of the seats. Also doesn't give much room to put stuff inside.

Has anyone put aftermarket leather in a SR5 and if so how was the cost and quality?

I drove a double cab with the revtek lift at the dealer and was really impressed.

Also looking at doing a cap on the bed, anyone have any pics of an installed cap?

I'll look on the forum for fuel economy measures, but any input from people who are using the Tundra as a work vehicle would also be appreciated.

Right now I'm thinking of the crew max with the lift kit (dealer or aftermarket) SR5 in dark blue with nav. and add the leather aftermarket seats. Dealer has one coming in in May.

Thanks for any input.
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