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Looking for a NAV System

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Good morning to all, I need some help. I love my 06 Tundra DC and Have the factory JBL system, but it did not come with the NAV system which I am actively searcheing for and need help.

Can anyone recommend the best on for me . I know that there is a 7003, 7006, 7007 and the new 7009 available from OEMValue. All opinions are welcome and wanted.

Thanks in advance for the help..

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Sorry Bud, I just sold one last evening for $350. It was a like-new nav unit out of a wrecked 06 DC Tundra.
Ouch, that hurts.. Well , If you can get your hands on another one, please let me know..

I have the e7009 and it works great, I love the bluetooth feature. Plus the graphics are better on the e7009, sharper, more colors for the display.

PM me if you need any info. I bought mine off of ebay. There is a thread on here that I posted in for the e7009, describes everything you might want to do.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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