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Looking for govenor help

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i have a 1998 toyota 4runner 5vefe and i do alot of stuff on the high way. and my 4runner tops out at 99 mph while only doing 3 thousand rpm in fifth. i was wondering if there is a easy way to bypass the govenor and also if there is a easy and safe( not expencive ) way to upgrade the performance of my 4runner. i dont want to supercharge it because i dont have the time or money. and i dont want a cold air intake because the intakes already good. i was looking for a good but cheap race chip for it but i dont know what to choose. any help would greatly be appricianted
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so anyone want to help me? cause im confused and im not sure its the govenot i think its teh overdrive kicking in cause the rpm almost redlines then drops to 3000 but i cant go any faster i think the track isnt round so its allitle hard ill try on the highway next time i can saftly. but any help would be greatly appricianted
No offense, but I don't think there is any real good reason for going over 100 mph on the highway in a 4runner. If you want to go that fast you should find a car designed for speed and limit you runs to a track or drag strip.
i no theres no point in it but it would still help me out when we go on the track and record stuff i have a supra but i cant get the engine running yet or the title so i was just going to use my 4 runner for now thks
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