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hey guys . . was sitting in the truck during break at work and starting lookin round and was like my next project is to redo the interior at some point . . adding another project to the list . . always thinkin of what to do next to my truck . . its a weekly accurance for me . . but with the interior its tan with a 60 40 seat up front and so i was thinkin of adding a black carpet , get rid of my passenger 60 in favor for a bucket seat and a centerconsole re do the door centers along with headliner . i will buy parts as time goes but still should i change out my passenger side seat in favor of a bucket or should i just go and get it reapolstered ? possibly pic up a black leather kit frm ebay or something . . . . i probably will wait cause its gonna b alot of work for eveything to cordnate together and look good

has any one done this to their acess cab ? carpet . . seats . . . door panels . . . . headliner ? post some pics
give some ideas
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