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New member here. I tried the search feature but was unsuccessful in finding any older threads on the issue I am having with my 2003 Sequoia 4x4 SR5.

I am the original owner.

This issue has only happened two other times, and both time the outside elements and conditions were similar. Hot, over 100 degrees, and I was towing my boat (approx 5200 lbs), uphill.

Basically, I noticed that I didn't have a lot of acceleration power. I'm talking pedal to the floor, and I am going 25-30 mph, up a long hill. I have towed the boat many times up these same hills (pretty good incline), with no issues, and have been able to maintain speeds 55-65 mph with no problem.

Shortly after, I would start smelling gas fumes inside the cab. Not real strong, but not normal.

I pulled over and checked the gas cap, which was locked and secure like it should be. I opened the gas cap, expecting a little vapor blowback, (tank was about 1/3 full) but instead I got an extremely strong vapor blowback. And it was very hot, almost too hot to the touch. the force of the blowback was like a hair dryer on a low setting, and this lasted for at least a few minutes, then it slowly decreased but the vapor blowback lasted overall, for about 3-4 minutes. I was extremely concerned about the risk of an explosion due to the amount of vapor and the vapor temp. I don't know what the LEL for gas vapor is, but it was very hot.

I put the gas cap back on, but left it loose so that the vapors could escape easily.

Like I said this only happened a total of three times, and only in temps over 100, (elevations were never over 5k feet)and after driving up large mountain hills. It also only happens when the tank was less than half full (not sure if this is a factor, just the timing of the trip and the destination, my fuel levels were always low at that point in the trip).

The last time this happen (three weeks ago), temps were 109 degrees and the elevations were less the 2000 feet, but uphill, but the engine and everything else ran normally. I have about 248K miles on the engine and transmission.

Also, I did regain most of the excelleration power once I allowed the fuel vapor to vent, and cool. Never had the issue on flat surfaces.

Any feed back would be great.


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