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Lower tundra air ride

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Hi this questions is for a friend of mine.

His son was paralyze and to make it so he could get around by himself they had his tundra lowered and had air ride put in it sucks it is alway braking

There seam to by no one around here that know anything about air ride the kit looks like it was cobble together and really doe's not work well at all beside just braking

So do any of you guy know of a company that makes the air kit for the tundra this would be a great help this kid is doing every thing he can to be able to led a life on his own and the truck is the main tool to making this happen

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Unfortunately with air suspension, there are no real "kits" unless they are bolt on's, which I would NEVER recommend to anyone. A real air suspension setup is installed with welds on everything possible, and consists of parts you order separately for the best performance of the system.

You need to be more specific with what problems he is experiencing in order for me to help you out.
The bags leak down all time you drive 5min and it drop significantly
I just don't seen to work right it you air down the bag and move it rubs right thought the bag

Do you know of a company that make kit for truck that might be able to help

Both Air Lift and Firestone offer systems for the Tundra. I've got an Air Lift coil spring bag system on my 4Runner - it doesn't leak and levels the rear nicely. I have the Firestone system on my Tundra, it comes in handy when I tote my snowmobile, no sag.

Most of these systems are not for lowering, just for controlling sag etc...
Re: lowered air kit for a tundra

a few choices:
google Air-Ride Technologies (i forget the site addy). Email them about any 'kit' they might have...
Go to - register - ask the same question, majority of us on there deal in air-ride, alot of product reps are on there (including ART), they're always happy to help.
AirRide is a great option. However, like with anything, poor installation will sure lead to problems. I don't know of any shops up around you that could do the work though. It can get pricey using air, but I don't know of any static drop lowering kits for the tundra either. My buddies shop that built my Blazer, has installed a couple of drop kits as well as air for handicap vehicles... just gotta hunt down the right shop.
hope this helped
I saw a kit that was a front strut with a bag incorporated in it and rear but it was for a Sequia which has the same front suspension as us. Try looking in to that. I posted it on this site somewhere.

here it is. Post #143

Just Airbag It! -
Thanks this might help all of you that have give me help with this has made it much easier just find a place that did air ride on the net was killing me THANK YOU ALL AGAIN
you wont find a bolt on kit to lower any toyota truck. only for chevy and fords. you may want to do some searching or asking on sites that are more into lowered trucks like Street Source Magazine or - Home of Sport Trucks on the Web

if it leaks, check all the lines, valves, fittings, etc.

if it rubs on something, something needs to be moved or cut out of the way. Try either of the 2 above shops for a good/reputable shop to help you. I'm not sure if there are many custom truck shops in that area though.

good luck to your friend. :tu:
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