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Re: lowered air kit for a tundra

a few choices:
google Air-Ride Technologies (i forget the site addy). Email them about any 'kit' they might have...
Go to - register - ask the same question, majority of us on there deal in air-ride, alot of product reps are on there (including ART), they're always happy to help.
AirRide is a great option. However, like with anything, poor installation will sure lead to problems. I don't know of any shops up around you that could do the work though. It can get pricey using air, but I don't know of any static drop lowering kits for the tundra either. My buddies shop that built my Blazer, has installed a couple of drop kits as well as air for handicap vehicles... just gotta hunt down the right shop.
hope this helped
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