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Greetings. I have a 2017 Tundra SR5-5.7 gas truck. The check engine light has come on and the error code is P0101. I understand this is the MAF. I've found discussions on the checklist for items to review for this scenario. I beleive my issue is that the insulation on the wires going into the connector that attaches to the MAF are damaged. Two wires on the right side (looking into the engine bay) I can see copper. I think this is from the plastic engine cover jostling around and rubbing on the wires.

What I can't find is the appropriate pigtail part no to wire in and replace the existing connector. I'm only a shade tree mechanic at best, but it seems like this is something I could do.

Does anyone know the appropriate toyota part no to purchase to solve what is apparently a short?

Thanks for any input.
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