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Metallic clanking noise when going 1st to 2nd while cold

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2007 Metallic clanking noise when going 1st to 2nd while cold

I have a new 2007 Tundra DoubleCab 5.7 L V8. It has 800 miles on it and runs like a dream. When the truck hasn't been used for an hour or more and I first start it up there is no unusual noise. When I move it into drive and give it some gas it goes through 1st gear just fine. When it shifts to 2nd gear around 15 mph I hear a brief metallic clanking noise which sounds like it is coming from under the front half of the truck, possibly up between the front wheels but it is hard to tell. I suspect it is in the center of the vehicle since my wife said it sounds like it is on my side and to me it sounds like it is on her side. After this noise the truck runs and shifts great and the noise never recurs even when stopping / starting out from red lights, slow or fast acceleration, manual shifting, etc. If I turn the truck off briefly in park and restart it still doesn't seem to do it, but it if I let it sit for some time (seems like an hour or so) then it happens again. I first thought maybe it is from the engine or transmission being physically cold but sometimes the water and transmission gauges still show some heat on them when I start up and it happens again. This could be a normal noise but it sure doesn't sound normal. I have it in 2WD the entire time. Any ideas before I run it back down to the dealer in a panic and waste another day of vacation time for something that could turn out to be nothing? :confused:
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dumb question.. is it the doors locking?
No, I changed the doors to lock when taking it out of park, and thankfully I am not that clueless but thanks for checking. It was a good guess based on the speed but only for total tools, which hopefully will be driving Fords and GM instead of Tundras... :)
Best thing to do is take it to the dealer and have a tech ride with you to make sure he heard what you here!!

Also take another 5.7 truck out and see if it does it too...They are not going to tell you No!
Sounds like it could be the traction control activating (VSC) I haven't noticed mine doing that, but i haven't started & tookoff. I usually let it idle for a few minutes.
I would assume that it's the VSC. But i wouldn't worry about it too much.
Actually, I test drove a new Tundra and heared the same noise. My 4Runner makes this same noise but it comes from the front dash area firewall side. Its the traction control gizmos firing up :)
It's the ABS/TRAC/VSC going through self-check.
It's the ABS/TRAC/VSC going through self-check.
I decided to drive the truck for a few weeks just to see if it was a normal noise or if it would get better or worse. Well the noise happened every time as decribed above for about the first 3-4 weeks. It was loud and sharp enough that it was clearly not a self test feature. I didn't notice it on my test drives in other Tundras and it would have been hard to miss.

Well after about 6 weeks the noise disappeared totally. No trace or recurrence. So now I don't know what to do. If I take it to the dealer they won't hear it so they will be likely to give me the truck back without checking anything. If I don't take it in for service it could recurr later and if something is still broke it could be getting worse. Crap, what to do?
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