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I've been searching all over for a solution to my OEM navigation installation and it appears you may have encountered a similar issue in the past. Here's my story:
- Installing a 2009 OEM Camry Nav unit into my 2007 Camry XLE (w/ JBL 6-disc, factory bluetooth mic and voice command button)
- Hooked up all wires according the oemvalue instructions
- Navigation works great
Problem: When I press the voice command button, I hear three beeps but nothing else happens, unit does not respond to voice commands. Do you recall the solution for your install issue?

I basically moved some wires to a new connector on the nav unit (red=microphone, light green=microphone amp power supply, green=microphone voice signal, telephone relation switch signal and ground pins are connected together with a jumper wire.

Any tips would be appreciated as I don't have the factory wiring diagram for the 2009 Camry nav unit.



2002 Tundra Access Cab
2003 Camry XLE
2007 Camry XLE
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