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Since I already had the transmission pulled I figured I would do a mini how to on changing the rear main seal. I didn't get any pics of pulling the transmission, because I already had it out when I thought of doing a write up. But the pulling of the tranny is straight forward, and can be done with one person with a tranny jack and simple hand tools. This was done on my 2002 Tundra with the 4.7 V8 4x4. I figured this may help someone out there even though it is not the greatest or most detailed write up.

I got my rear main seal today from Toyota for about $30. But anyhow, I got the rear main seal installed and it was very simple. In the Haynes manual it recommends that you pull the whole plate off of the block, but it also says you can pry the old seal off with a screwdriver but you have to be careful. So.... I went the easy way and used a screwdriver and it worked great.

First, remove the drive plate bolts. They are 14mm 12 point bolts, and you will need an impact. If using a hand socket the whole motor will turn over.

Remove the little plate and use a pry bar to gently pull the drive plate off of the crankshaft. Then remove another small spacer piece

Use screwdriver to pry in the inside of the seal, making sure you dont scratch or mar the journal where it sits.

Remove all oil in the journal and around it. Coat the new seal's inner and outer edges with a thin coat of all-purpose grease, then push over the crankshaft and even press it into the journal. Use a piece of wood and a hammer to seat it in, making sure to lightly tap evenly over the entire thing so it seats correctly

After you make sure it is seated correctly, clean up any oil residue and install drive plate and spacers in reverse order from above. Be sure to use loctite on the bolts also and to tighten them in a star pattern.

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