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I'll be moving to K.C., Missouri in a few months and was wondering if anyone knows if MO charges taxes when you register an out of state vehicle? I know some states do, some don't. Those that do, some charge based on the value you state the vehicle is worth (i.e. $7.50) or what the bluebook value of the car is.

I registered one car in CA and stated its true value, not realizing that they charge tax (their term is "road usage fee") on a car I've already paid tax on once before. It's amazing that the road usage fee is the same percentage as the tax... My friends laughed at me for not simply putting down $300 or some rediculously low value and avoid all the taxes. But I know some states will just apply the bluebook value and charge taxes based on that, regardless of what you tell them it's worth. If anyone knows, I might save myself the trouble and sell my car here and buy another when I get there, I don't feel like paying another 9% in taxes I've already paid.

I am not sure how that state handles it but here in Jersey it's called TAX. When I was younger I bought my share of used cars and trucks I did find away around it but you have to be prepared. Here in Jersey you can put any amount you want as the buying price when you go to DMV but if you put a number that is a lot less then "Blue Book" you will get a letter from the state of New Jersey DMV saying for instance you put $300.00 down and blue book is $9000.00 and they give you something like 30 days to pay the difference. The way around this is when you buy the car or truck from who ever you are buying it from you need to make two bills of sale out one is the real amount you paid and gave the seller. The second bill of sale says the amount you told DMV you paid and you also need to say in the second bill of sale that the car or truck needed a new engine and transmission and make sure you get it notarized. When you get the letter from DVD asking for more money all you have to do is send them the second bill of sale. This has worked every time for many people and I don't know anyone that has come accross a seller that is not willing to make out the two bills of sales after explaining to the seller why you need it. Johnnnny
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