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momentary too low rpms - rough idle

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hello everyone!
I am new @ this forum. Thanks for the help. I own a 2004 rav4 sport with a 2.4l 4 cyl engine. it has 35k miles and has never had any problem with it except for the delay when accelerating that some users say it's because of drive by wire. got used to it. my problem is that when i'm driving and stop at a red light for example, the rpms go way low, 500 to 600 rpms and idle becomes rough with noticeable vibration, after 10 to 15 seconds it increases by itself to around 750 (with a/c on) and idle is as smooth as the day I bought it. Is there an Idle control valve or something similar that can be replaced or fixed to eliminate this problem. it's quite annoying. Any help is highly appreciated.

E Guasp
San Juan, Puerto Rico
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dont know if the 04 RAV is a drive by wire, but try checking your car with a scantool first. some DTCs dont light off the MIL on the dash.
My '05 is dbw. I have not looked at mine, but the intake may have a base idle air bypass setting. You would adjust the base bypass for spec'd RPM. If you have a change in performance it may be getting carboned up in the throttle bore. This is typical. Might just be a cleaning instead of trying to compensate by changing the bypass air. Also bad gas and gummed up rings can ruin your idle.

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