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hi, our bumper to bumper warrenty is most likely over.
so your dealership will not cover your moonroof.
or maybe it will.

what happened to mine is the frame around the glass rusted.
they tried to blame my aftermarket moonroof deflector,
saying it held the water, therefore it casued the rust.

needless to say i went to the best place in south florida,
that does most dealership's interiors, wheel's, you name it,they do it.

they replaced my moonroof glass & frame for me for free.
i deal with them, so i guess this was my pay back.
i always take care of them min. tip $20 to each.

i didn't want to remove that deflector so what i did was:
i removed some of the 3M double sided tape in the corner's,approx1".
so the water now will drain out.

the moonroof's have 4 corner drainage system.
so in my opinion even if there was water, it would drain.

keep a eye out for your frame.
open the moonroof about 1/2 way to 3/4
& take a flash light & look at the frame especially the corners
& frame that holds the glass.
if you have a deflector, i suggest you do what i did.
you can also after a rainy day open the moonroof,
& check to see if there is standing water,
in the moonroof track's especially both front corner's.
i hope this help's.

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I do not have a double cab, but, good heads up for folks to check their sun/moonroofs.

Makes me wonder how Toyota got this messed up. I have electric sunroof on my 2000 and not too many have this option on early First Gens. (not available from factory before 2004). My drain lines work great and after 8 years, still working fine. It does have a Lifetime warranty as aftermarket install from dealer.

My point, check your setup, because you should not have any problems with your install if done right.

My sunroof on board, which some may have seen before.

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