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more suspension questions

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OK so ive been looking at all the old threads and there are still allot of things about leveling/ lifting my truck. i have a 2000 extended cab v8 4x4. i have been reading that anything over a 2.5'' lift causes lots of problems on a 4x4 is this true?

looking at other tundra's in my area and allot of them are lifted and look so much better. I'm not looking for any thing insane but just a mild lift, new tires i want to do it right so i don't run into problems down the road. as you can tell im inexperienced in this topic. any advice will help

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What happens w/ a lift over 2.5 inches on a 4x4 I believe is that your CV boots start leaking cause of the drastic angle that there put in w/ a lift more than 2.5 inches :) .
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