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Nitto Tire & Bilstein Questions!

Hi all! I’m new here and have a 2006 DC 4X4 V-8 with 265/65/17 tires. I’ve looked around using the elusive “search” function for the following questions and would appreciate all suggestions or comments.

  • After all my research I really like the 1st Nitto Terra Grappler and then the 2nd Pirelli Scorpion ATR. Any recommendations and why or why not for either?

  • I really want 285/70/17 but they do not fit with the factory wheels. I do have a set of 2004 4Runner 17” wheels I can use, will these work? How do you measure back space on wheels, if it is possible?

  • I plan on installing 2.5” or 3” coilovers in the very near future. I really like the Camburg’s ($850) but the Bilstein’s ($600) are much cheaper. I plan on buying the Bilstein’s since there seems to be no real complaints. Any recommendations or comments on these are appreciated too.

  • After installing the coilovers, do I have to buy parts for the alignment to corrected (i.e. camber nuts)?

Thanks in advance for any help.
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