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Hey everyone,
New to the forum and don’t do much social media. I was just curious to your guys thoughts on the best mechanics shop in the area of Eugene, OR, that has the most knowledge on the 4.7 2uz-fe vvt? I’m willing to travel too.. Somewhere with a Toyota TechStream?. Or maybe I can even have one of the members come by that is a mechanic and has Toyota TechStream? My step father owns a diesel repair shop and I’m sure I could clear some room to have someone look at it there. Of course I’ll pay.
Long story short, I have an ‘06 Toyota Tundra, some dirtbag stole my catalytic converters from my truck while parked at work, so I decided to go ahead and do a full exhaust. I went with JBA long tube headers, then Keith at Dirty Deeds full race exhaust. I have now put all new Densi (OEM) o2 sensors in, with 24in o2 sensor extenders from MichiganMotorsports(I know, a lil long on a couple o2 sensors, just wanted the signal back to have to travel the same lengths, if that makes sense). I wired(soldered) in the Hewitt technologies GenII-3V wiring harness to fool the air injection pump. After all said and done I’m throwing codes for the downstream o2 sensors and code p0102. This puts me in to “safe” mode, derating my truck. I drilled out some spark plug non foulers and installed them on the downstream o2 sensors, still throwing the codes. Should I add another set of non foulers? I have an electrical tester and can test for ohms, and a pretty good OBD2 reader/scanner, but need some guidance on what I’m looking for and what everything should be reading at.. for the p0102 code I figured I’d inspect the air filter first, intake tube and all vacuum lines, the MAF sensor, then clean the MAF sensor with MAF sensor cleaner. Still showing the code. So I went ahead and replaced the MAF with a new Hitachi (OEM) sensor. Still showing code p0102.Re tightened all the header bolts and inspected for leaks. Still throwing the code. So, now I don’t know what to do, other then take it to someone that is familiar with my engine and has more tools( Toyota TechStream) and more knowledge( what all the parameters should be reading) then myself. My truck did sit some time as I work out of town and had to deal with the insurance and order and wait on parts, then I installed it all myself with the accompany of some beer drinking buddies and a few weekends.. it does look like a chipmunk got under my engine bay and possibly under my intake, no visual damage, just some nut shells.. Any help will be greatly appreciated! Point me in a direction on how to fix myself or to a good mechanic! Thanks!
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