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Moved: 06 tundra, ipod pa15-toy problems with install :(

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Thanks Salty_Dog :)

The issue is that fact that it just crackles a bit, fades out, and goes completely silent after the engine is turned on... The green led on the device it self is on and the stereo interface is all showing that it appears to be working just fine.

So here's the interesting thing my truck's battery was dead this morning and nothing was turned on to my knowledge *the adapter was still plugged into the stereo though*. So I had to jump it :(.

Ok first off the aux seems to be working fine when its off for the most part. Turning the device too loud distorts the stereo and the ipod it self I'm not sure if the connector is screwed up, the ipod is damaged, or something else is up but it seems kind of bad *not epic mono fail bad*.

I took everything apart again to show you what I did and to find out why this is screwing up

This is a 2006 SR5 access cab with the stock 1 cd radio, here is the back:

The two small square ports on either side are not the same size so this was the only spot it would fit and the adapter it to big to fit by itself.

After I had it all set up I plugged in my ipod without using any keys and this showed up. It seems that there is power going to it even when its off which could explain why my battery was drained:

This is what it looks like when its running off my battery and when the engine is on except the sound will not work in ipod or aux mode. Everything including changing playlists appear to work even though I never changed the name of them to the toy w/e name.

LOL picasa made my hands look all ghostly pale :(

So here's the thing is this product defective or did I do something on my end to cause the issue?

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For comparison, here's what mine does:
1. The only time I've had any sound issues with mine is when the plug isn't clicked into my ipod all the way.

2. Mine only charges with the key on. If I forget to unplug my ipod, it's battery goes dead in a few hours.

3. When you say turning up the volume on the device causes distortion, do you mean on the ipod itself? When mine is plugged in, I can only control the volume with the radio. The click wheel doesn't change the volume but I can control everything else on it when in ipod direct mode (disc 9)

4.I do have the toy--- playlists setup which could make a difference, but when the ipod is plugged in it says ok to disconnect at the bottom like yours without the checkmark. It also says toyota at the top of the screen. When it's in ipod direct mode, it shows menus, songs, album art, etc. like in your last pic.

I would call USASpec and see what they say. It sounds to me like you have a defective unit or cable.
hmmm I found an underling issue with the dead battery, seems that the alternator is unhappy. :( Anyways the thing that was getting to me was the fact that the sound will not work when the engine is on, but it will will instantly return when I turn the engine off.
If its charging the iPod when the car isn't on the remote wire can't be right. The remote wire should be hooked up to run off of a cigarette lighter or something that's only on when the car is on. That's a really weird problem, I'd call and troubleshoot and see if they can't help
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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