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My 2007/2003 Tundra Experiences

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Recently, I was bitten by the new car bug. I didn't need one necessarily but I wanted one with a back seat for passengers more then the access cab on my Tundra offered. It was painful for me to see my Mom try to squeeze in and suffer with her bad back and knees. So, while I've had the past five days off (from Wednesday to Sunday) I test drove the 2007 Tundra.

Wow, it is a solid truck with one tight and quick 5.7L V8 engine. I test drove a fully loaded standard cab and when I looked at it, I kept thinking that it was fun but not practical for my family. I kept the Tundra in my mind while I've been looking around for a four door pickup with a bed for occasional loads. I've been wanting a vehicle that works well for a family.

A recent incident at Desert Toyota made my decision for me. I took my truck in for service yesterday with my Line-X'ed bumper guard installed. I've had it in for service before and they worked around it. Not yesterday.

When they took it back, after I was paying for the service, my service rep had to say they had to remove it because of two bolts that held it into the skid plate for stability reasons. I was reasonable until I noticed they hadn't put in the original hardware and it didn't look right or how my Dad and I put it on. They reimbursed me $10 cash for the hardware and that is all they did. I even pointed out to them that they put it on the ground and had scuffed the Line-X on it. Actually, the more likely let it drop a bit for the mark to be there.

Because of the general manager's attitude, and lack of general customer service, I will not be taking my Tundra or any Toyota I might own back to Desert Toyota. Sadly, their service quality had been dropping drastically and I don't see them keeping their President's Award for customer service for very long. In fact, I don't see me keeping my Tundra for very long. Honestly, I'd rather park it permanently on a Honda dealership's lot and drive a Honda Ridgeline.

Want to know something? That is what I did today. I didn't trade in my Tundra due to reliability (far from it) or with any major complaints. I also didn't trade it in because I wanted a car payment. I wanted a vehicle that better suited my needs and got slightly better mileage. I anticipate, once I go through the break-in period that I'll get Tundra V6 mileage. I wanted also a vehicle that could better haul a family around then the cramped backseat of my 2003 access cab.

I looked at the 2007 Tundra, and I did like it, but even with the new Double Cab it just was too big for my needs. I'd love a big powerful fast V8 engine, but I don't need it. I'll miss the power of my Tundra and the memories I had with it but I'll move on. It has been a project truck for me and once I get enough payments made on the Ridgeline I plan on doing some things with it too just to make it different. I got it in the RTS trim in the Aberdeen Green color.
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I'm sure you'll love the honda, I had one for a day and it was great. It was like driving a big caddy on the highway. Tons of space in it compared to the tacoma I bought.

I got the tacoma becuase of the low ground clearance of the Ridge, but seem to regret it every day.
My only regret was the loss of my Tundra as a "project vehicle." I had done alot, and had alot planned. I had wishlists and project lists a mile long each. The next big project was going to be an in-dash computer. Now, once enough of the Ridgeline is paid off I do plan on doing small things with the first being some sort of iPod connection. I cannot afford to do all that I did with the Tundra with the Ridgeline. It will remain at least 90% stock. I definitely want a different grille, oem bull bar (it looks NICE), color-keyed running boards and a few other small things.
Yesterday at the Columbus Int'l Auto Show, I sat inside a Ridgeline. I expected it to be identical to our '03 Honda Pilot. To my surprise, it wasn't. It was more trucklike inside, but very nice. The rear seats were comfortable, and the dash was clean and uncluttered. It had about the same space as my Double Cab in back. My only reason for buying the DC instead of the ridgeline was that I carry around 2 large ladders for roof estimating, and there was no way to get a ladder rack on the Ridgeline.

Hopefully you don't have the problems we've had with our '03 Pilot EX-L. To date, the brake calipers clank when going from REV to FWD (Honda can install shims but says they're safe), the A/C went out after the warranty ran out, the rear blower doesn't work (after the warranty ran out), and we had to take it in for a few recalls that were fixed. The sheet metal is very thin on Honda's, so don't park close to others in lots. It dings very easily. We have 4-5 nice dings thanks to careless parking (wife). Other than that, the engine is great, the ride quality and performance is outstanding - it's a fast vehicle, and it cleans up nicely. It's our 5th Honda (and had the most issues, but we'll probably buy another with the new body change in '09).
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