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Hi. I have a 2007 regular cab tacoma with a manual transmission. When the engine's warm and I'm sitting at a light in neutral I hear a rattling noise. If I put the clutch in, the noise goes away. It is more pronounced with the A/C on, perhaps due to the higher revs.

Also, at around 50-55 miles an hour I hear an annoying whine with a pitch that corresponds to my speed. I can make the whine go away when I take my foot off the gas.

The dealer told me my front bumper was rattling (complete bull) and it was padded and reinforced. They said that the noise at 50mph was normal differential noise. It wasn't a bumper rattle obviously because It went away when i pressed the clutch and it's still there, and a differential noise would not change when I take my foot off the gas. The dealer's (gettel toyota of sarasota) is f***ing with me.

Does anyone have any idea as to what this could be? What steps should I take to document the problem for the lemon law if they are unable to fix it. My truck has 8,000 miles and has made the same noises since the day I bought it. I feel like I need to prepare myself with information before I go to the toyota dealer in tallahassee. It bugs the crap out of me.

thank you
sounds to me that it could be the throwout bearing going out on you. and if its the case,your warranty should cover this!!
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