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Ok so my beloved 96GMC Safari ate it. I really loved how big it was in there without the seats. But now I need to buy a new car, and fast since that was my only one. Luckily my gf is away for 6 weeks and I can use hers in the meantime. I'm hoping to have acquired all the info I need so that I don’t have to rent after she gets back.

I don’t know if the LC or 4Runner is right for me. I want diesel. I like lots of interior room. And I want a reliable 4x4, preferably one with all 3 locks. Now I am pretty new to 4x4ing, but not mechanics or cars. My main use is going to be surf exploration trips thoughout BC and Latin America (so sand mud and snow, minimal rock climbing). I also don’t want to have to buy another vehicle any time soon. So I want to make sure I buy something that I will enjoy and have fun tweaking, at the same time saving money as I have none and need to work my *** off to buy this new(new to me, but obviously used) 4x4. So needless to say I don’t have the luxury of time to research at a leisurely pace.

I'm not too familiar with what, other than name and price, differentiates the LC from the 4Runner. Also from my preliminary searches I can see that no 4Runner comes with diesel, unless I import from Japan, which I am totally open to. I think that is called a Hilux Surf? Same a 4Runner but from Japan?

Also what does Prado mean? Is it a designator for some elite package?

If you guys could help me out either with answers or links to good pages that would be so greatly appreciated!

One last thing, what happened to the new LC??? I can't find it on any of Toyota Canada’s websites? Are they not available here? Someone said something about Lexus making them now???

Thanks guys
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