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Continental Toyota of La Grange, IL

For more info on this scam, see:
Spot Delivery and Automobile Dealer Fraud

A couple of weeks ago I went into Continental Toyota, pre-approved, to purchase a 2006 Subaru Tribeca. At that time I walked out with a stack of signed paperwork at an acceptable rate and payment.

Tonight I spoke with Roxanne in finance, who called to tell me I had to come in to re-sign my papers because Capital One wouldn't finance the gap coverage. I immediately followed up with Capital One to confirm this, they agreed, and then confirmed that I had been approved at the rate I initially agreed to. That is what is on my contract.

So I went into the dealership where a man named Chris presented me with a new set of paperwork that he told me I had to sign which had a higher rate, higher sale price, and higher payment. I told him no way in hell and walked out. My "new contract" should have been identical in every way, save the deducted gap coverage.

This is a WELL DOCUMENTED SCAM that dealers use, banking that you won't do your homework.

I already confirmed that Capital One approved my financing before I drove in. And besides that, I was pre-approved before I ever even came in.

I plan to contact the BBB and the Attorney General's office first thing in the morning.

I am truly disgusted. In this economy, the day before Christmas Eve.

Those people should be ashamed. Truly ashamed. This is abhorant behavior.

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you need to get this to the attention of Toyota corporate. I would write a detailed letter to someone high up the food chain.
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