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Hi fellows,

Ok, I'm new to your site. It is overwhelming the info that goes on here. Really great stuff. Enough sucking up.

My questions have to do with the Nav systems that are OEM and after market.

I purchased an 06 DC last week, I was not familiar with all the options that were out there. It has occured to me that I maybe interested in a Nav system.

First, is it possible to install an OEM in place of the JBL single disc system I now have??????

Second, if it is how difficult is it??? I'm sure this involves additions to the stock wiring harness, correct???

Third, Am I thinking this correctly? the stock Nav system also has a disc changer, back up camera capibilities and satellight radio.

Now for the after market Nav systems,

Are they compatible with the an in dash installation????

Are they better units and have the same or better capibilities????

And price wise, where is the money better spent. Is it better to find a used OEM or is it better to go the after market way?????

I have been reading all kinds of posts and it is a bit overwhelming for a new guy to get a grip on all that info. I'm really new to Nav systems and have no experience with the options that are available. I have been reading about all the 7000 series OEMs and the options and touch screens on some models and microphones on others. Do I want or need all these??? And can this all be installed and work properly.

Thank you and I hope that I am not asking too much on one post.

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