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need advice on 2006 Tundra canopy

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Hi everyone,

New to the forums, I stumbled upon this site while researching canopies for my 2006 Tundra double cab. looks like a gret place to get some advice. Ive owned my Tundra for nearly a year now and love it, but after last hunting season, fishing season, and the day to day driving the kids around and going to the store, etc,,, I have come to realize that I NEED a canopy on the truck for all the gear that im constantly hauling and want to keep clean and dry.

That being said, I have read again and again that snugtop is the best. Ive looked at several, including ARE, Leer, snugtop, and Raider to name a few. Ill be honest, the snugtop has given me some serious sticker shock. The supersport here in Portland is $2400! Way out of my price range, so Im looking at the hi-liner with carpet headliner and flip-up front window, and Ive been quoted $1775. I hear snugtop is the best and strongest, but it seems to me most of the selling points of this line are absent on the models that are in my price range. The windows on this model are aluminum framed, it has no frameless door. My problem here is I want the best I can afford, but raider has the vagabond and holding the brochures side by side it looks like it has everything the snugtop cab-hi has, but goes identically equiped for $1100 bucks whereas the snug cabhi was quoted to me at $1705. I can get it with the yakima rack for $1350. Also ARE has their CX series that another place quoted me similarly equipped for $1039. Can someone justify to me how the snugtop is worth $600-$700 more than these others? All have aluminum framed windows and doors, dome lights, LED brake lights, carpet headliners, matched paint, comprehensive lifetime warranties, and some sort of fold-down/flip up front window giving me access to the Tundras power back window. All the snug dealer has shown me is the bottom of the door where it contacts the tailgate is plastic on these other brands and fiberglass on the snugtop, and the snugtop is lockable from inside the cab. Hardly $700 worth of features IMHO. He also said the snugtop is stronger and will support 300lbs on top, which he said was about twice what the Leers can handle, but I dont know how this compares to Raider or ARE.

It seems that alot of you think snugtop is the way to go. Im happy to spend the additional $$$$ to get the best and most durable product, after all i want something that will last me as long as I own the truck. I was just hoping someone could give me a good reason why thesnugtops are SO much better. Thanks for any help, its greatly appriciated.:D
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Honestly, I don't think you could go wrong with Snugtop, Leer or ARE. My personal experience with Raider, was not very good. Had the Raider on my 99 Tacoma and had constant water leak issues with the side windows. The dome light would constanly draw power from the batteries when it was in the off position. Back door wouldn't close right. When I bought my '05, I found myself in the same quandry as you, wondering if Snugtop was worth the cash. I really liked the look and features of the Snug but ended up buing the ARE Z series for about 250 less. Never had a problem with it.
1st things 1st Welcome aboard you did find a great site!

I won't tell you how much a gem top workmaster runs cause it would be a sticker shock!

The biggest option is the front window fold down unit. makes cleaning the window possible. Plus sliding side windows for ventilation purposes.
I've got a Range Rider from Canada. It is a high-rise, sliding windows, tint, insulation, light hookups, matching paint and it's very solid and stable. I mounted a yakima rack on it too. I would look to them again if/when I get another tundra in several years.
I can also get the Leer "180" which is the same as the snugtop hiliner for around 1400, but Ive been hearing way more bad than good about Leer. Ive heard from tons of guys who have had them crack, and even more who have had chronic issues with the windows leaking. Also, my snug dealer quoted me 1705 on the cab-hi which minus my options makes their base price around $1450. Seems like I read on here somewhere that guys were paying $1200 somewhere else. How reasonable,(or not), is $1705-$1750 for these snugtops? Am I paying too much to get one of these?
I've got a Leer 100XL on my 2006 Tundra (see gallery). It has the removeable front window, sliding side windows, single latch, carpeted, and fits over the bed rails. We have had LOTS of rain since I got my Leers and the only water I have had inside the bed was when I was parked on a hill with the front of the truck facing down. It rained buckets that day (and the wind blew horribly) and the amount of water that got inside the bed you could put into a tablespoon. It matches my truck very nicely and is a high quality product. I was down to what I bought and a ARE Z series. I liked the Leer better. Cost with install was around $1900. I have a good friend with a Ranger and he has had many problems with it. I believe you do get what you pay for.
I also have a Leer 100 XL on my Tundra that I've had for about 3 years and abused the hell out of it and am still pleased with it. The paint matches great and I like the look.

I kayak and woodwork a lot and am constanly throwing boats, wood, and other gear in and on top of the shell. It's pretty regular I hit the windows with something and I haven't managed to break one yet. I even dropped it from the bed of my truck onto my concrete driveway and only broke a plastic hinge that holds on the rear window. I was floored when the shell didn't crack. I thought for sure I was out all that cash.

If you do go for a Leer, go ahead and at least get the rails to add a rack on later. I believe Leer makes the top thicker to increase the load rating when you buy the railsincorporated into the shell as opposed to bolting them on later.

Thanks for the replies everyone, I really appriciate the input. Does anyone know why the tops with frameless windows cost so much more? Is this simply aesthetics or is their a structural or functional advantage to these kinds of windows/doors? The reason i ask is that the main difference I see between the spendy high end models and the ones Im looking at is the frameless glass, and while i think it looks great the difference isnt enouph to make me want to spend the extra cash for it if the aluminum framed jobs are equally functional/durable. As near as I can tell the different windows makes about a $300-$400 difference in price. Does anyone have the Leer 180 top? It also only has the framed glass, but for the most part the mid/hi-rise caps is what Im looking for for the increased cargo space just in case i need to haul something a little on the taller side. Thanks again for everyones input.
All I can say my Snugtop Super Sport simply rocks! Although I did suffer from the initial sticker shock you had because everything was close to 500-800 more than a Leer or ARE. The price I paid was pretty good because Vern's was liquidating them to make room for the 07 models. I went with out the boot on the shell and got the extra window, but that was primarily because that was all they had left. I personally like the fact that the lock on the Snugtop is like a car door lock and is mounted flush to the window so outside of breaking the fiberglass or the window, it's pretty tamper proof. Add the fact that you can get keyless entry I was pretty much sold. I also like that the carpeted interior matched up with my bed rug and the cab light turns off and on just by closing the window, so all in all it gives me the feel of a SUV more than a pickup truck.
I think Snugtop, Leer and ARE are equally good. I had a Snugtop canopy on my 02 AC and it had the tracks with the Thule rack added on at the factory. I liked it a lot - the only issues were from the idiotic dealer here in the Seattle area (Canopy West) who screwed up the install from the very beginning. But I can't blame Snugtop for that.

I have no direct experience with Raider, but I don't see a ton of their products on the road, and the ones I DO see look kind of junky. While it may be a few hundred dollars difference, remember that you're going to keep this truck for a while. To me, the Xtravision Snugtop with the larger windows was worth it. $2,400 in Portland sounds like you're getting ripped off, because it cost me slightly less than that for the Xtravision and that included the Thule rack and having it shipped to Juneau.
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