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Hey everyone I have a question for you. I have a 2010 Tundra Regular cab full size bed that I have a Low Range lift on. I’m thinking of going with coil overs and rear leaves along with new upper control arm. I have been reading in the forum that down the road I could have issues with what is on the truck now.

My question is I’m thinking of going with Icon front coils and their upper arm and also the rear springs. I know that there are other arms out there, Total Chaos, but I live in Wisconsin, with the nice winters and I’m worried about the road salt getting into the upper arm and the open ball joint. Also I was thinking about King coils but I was told with the oil reservoirs in our cold winters might not flow correctly and the ride would be stiff. Also Camburg makes coil over but it’s made by Sway Away and all I remember from the forum is “stay away from Sway Away”.

Any help that is offered would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks :) :ts:
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