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Well, I had finally come to a conclusion on which tire to get yesterday morning... the Michelin LTX A/T2 in a 275/65r20 size. However, when I picked up the rims late last night and unboxed them from home, I right away noticed that they didn't look like a 9" rim. I measured it from end to end and sure enough, they're 10" wide. So, a 275 tire is definitely not going to fit on there. I'm not upset by it, it just throws a monkey-wrench into my plans...
Since Michelin only has one 285 tire that would be wide enough (but not nearly tall enough), I can't go with that tire either.
So, I'm wondering if anybody has put on a 325/60r20 tire on these rims. They are the Alcoa rims. I was told that they have a +40mm offset, but I'm not sure about that now (since they also indicated that the rim was 9" wide). But I did measure the back-spacing and it is almost exactly 7".
Looking at the 325/60r20 tire, it is definitely a wide tire and wider than what I would like, but is my second choice if I can manage it. My only concern is that it is 35.4" and I'm not certain that a 3" lift will accommodate it height-wise and weather the tire will rub against the body-mounts or UCA.
If anybody has any knowledge on whether its doable, please, please let me know! Thanks in advance!
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