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I actually have the Alpine SWR T12 in my truck, I have a double cab and it is in a .80 cubic foot sealed box under the back seat, I originally had a Pioneer shallow mount 12 and it sounded ok, but just wouldn't hit the low frequencies like I was hoping for, so I bit the bullet and got me a SWR T12 from sonic electronix, I have one MRP 500 pushing it and it sounds amazing, it is like night a day over the pioneer it does not struggle to go low and it will really pound. I have not heard the JL but have heard good things about it, but everything else in my truck is alpine, and I think they make good products, but I would not hesitate to reccomend the Alpine, and I only have 1 I can't imagine what 2 would sound like. Hope this helps
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1 - 1 of 27 Posts
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