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Need help deciding which truck to get

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OK, here is the deal. I have a 2000 Tundra ac that is in perfect condition. I was looking for a 06 DC but the dealers want 23k or better for a used one and the best price I got on a new one is 29000 out the door:eek: I have to have the backseat for the twins. I found a 2006 long bed V8 with 8k miles. After haggling the final price out the door was 16999 including a 7/100 warranty since it was Toyota certified. I had an offer of 8000 for my 2000 and was putting 4000 down, on the new one this would put me at 17000 . For the same price almost to the penny I can keep my 2000 and have a low mileage 06 with a great warranty with no down payment either. What really bugs me is that 6 weeks ago I could have gotten an access cab V6 for 20,400 out the door but did not have the the down payment I have now and was not real crazy about the V6. I can actually put down 9000 on either one and that would put the new one at 12k if I sold my 2000 or I keep mine and put down 9000 and its 8000 on the 06 and I have 2 trucks instead of one. If I sold my 2000 for 8000 and put 9000 down could completely pay of the 2006. Wanted opinions on folks who have the V8 long bed and just your thoughts. Money IS an issue and the new one would really push me past my comfort zone. On the 06 would have payments around 130 a month and can handle that if I have to pick up beer cans:) . I do like the idea of having an extra vehicle and I forgot to add I am going to use the long bed for my lawn service instead of the 2000. In a nut shell its 12k difference if I sell mine or 8k if I keep mine with the downpayment. Decisions Decisions. The only bad thing is the truck is a days drive from me and I do not have time for the drive but they will deliver it to me for this price but made it plain would be unhappy if I turned it down if I did not like it. Don't think that would happen but you never know. Sorry so long but wanted opinions.

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When you refer to long bed, what size are you expecting? DC's (crew cab) have a 6' bed, and I think Toyota considers that a short bed.

You weren't clear whether the 2006 "long bed" with 8000 miles was an access cab or double cab, or what trim level it had, or if it was 2wd or 4wd. You should be able to get $6000 - $7000 off msrp on the remaining new '06 DC's, no matter what the configuration. You can input that 8000 mile "long bed" into Edmunds to find the TVM price if you have all the details.
I'm sorry, it is a reg cab V8, but we call them long beds down here. I'm still looking for a DC or AC but no luck in my price range. I will say this is one of the very few Toyota dealers I dealt with that was super nice and did not just blow me off like I was an idiot.
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