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Need help with drivers side window on 01 Tundra

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Driver's side power window in stuck in down position. Was able to get door panel off and check connections/switches. Looks ok - passenger window control works - door lock works. How do I check if window motor works and can I raise the window manually until I can fix the problem?
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Well the window might have come off the track. You would hear the motor running if it is still working. I know on my friends Carolla it has a little peice of plastic that held the motor in place on the window, it broke causing the window to be stuck down. She took it to Toyota for reapir. I can not remember how the Tundras windows/motors were connected in mine, I have not taken the panel off in a long time. However, you would hear the motor running when power is applied. Speaking of power check the fuses, you never know. Some of my biggest problems have been solved with a simple fuse.
Thanks. Was able to get the window back up by taking the enitre window regulator and motor assembly off - repositioning the regulator cam against the motor assembly and reinstalling. Still not sure what is wrong but believe it is the motor. Any recommendations on where to buy a replacement - cheap?
Try, they have really good prices plus a great catalog. Here is the motors.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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