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I posted this on another forum and wanted to do so on this one too. Here is my problem:

I am getting a constant whining noise in my stereo. Let me be first to say that it doesn't seem to be alternator whine. I will explain why. I had it professionally installed (and by that I don't mean at Best Buy). The engine can be turned off and I still have the whine noise. Even if I have the volume at "0" there is whine and it does so whether playing a CD, listening to the radio, or listening to my Ipod. I took it back to where it was professionally installed and was told that they used a noise filter, but I still have the same noise. They said it is not from improper grounding of the amp either. Here is what I have---Sony head unit, Sony Ipod adapter, Kicker 5 channel amp, Infinity Kappa components for the front, Soundstream Reference midbass in the rear, and I am waiting on subs to arrive next week. Any ideas where the noise may be coming from?
The shop told me that it is electrical interference from the Sony head unit, but I am not sure what to believe. The only thing I could do is go without and send it in for repair under warranty. It is a few months old. The amp is brand new as are the Infinity component speakers.
I have never owned a Sony head unit before. I have had Kenwood, Pioneer, and Alpine, Alpine being my favorite. I had the unit in the truck with no problems before. It only started after having the 5 channel amp installed and replacing the OEM speakers.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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