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Need help

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just got doug thorleys installed throwing a engine light and my 4 wheel low is blinking i know i need the simulators does that solve the 4 lo issue also????? plz help
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Never heard of this before. Have you disconnected the battery for 10-15 mins? Do you got a check engine light? I have had my LT's installed for just over a year now and no problems.
You installed the long tube?

If yes, buy the O2 simulator from URD.
Underdog Racing Development

After the O2 simulator is installed. Disconnect the battery to reset the ECU.
Your problem should go away after reset.

I wouldn't recommend to drive your truck without the simulator. The ECU will gone crazy.

If you installed the shorty, go check the sensor wiring before and after the cat.
Make sure you didn't forget anything.

Good Luck.
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1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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