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Hi I’m new to hear so I have a 2005 tundra double cab SR5 and it has the Enkie xsp wheels on it the truck is all over the road it has new rack and pinion and all new inner and outer tie rods new ball joints and still has not fixed the issue it is consistent and it doesn’t matter which way it goes to the left and to the right the alignment was just done also if anyone could help that would be greatly appreciated thanks

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2006 Crew Cab Limited 4x4
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Front end suspension starts rotting at 50K/10 yrs, and my LCAs were frozen and ate up the worst when I replaced entire FES @96K. It all needed it. Steering rack bushings were super soft, as well as lower Strut bushings.
UCAs/left UBJ are only Original parts left but are fine for another 10-20K likely and ain't driving much now.
Did all kinds of fluid/lubes refreshes and Transfer Case, 3 drain/fills of Trans, PS, Brake, Spyder/Universal Jts/ Slip Shaft, new center drive shaft bushing... ALL needed the love badly. Differential fluids were both real clear for never having replaced. I believe Driver Ft Wheel Bearing(s) is/are due soon.

In ther words, even driving mostly on-road, EVERYTHING wears out by 15 years/100K.
Replace and it rides like a Lexus again!
Use OEM Toyota parts and do all maintenance regularly to guarantee another 50-75K troublefree miles!
Getting a chance to do everything on my 06 DC Limited has been almost the ONLY good thing I squeezed out of this freaking Pando!
Good luck, Be Safe and Happy Driving.
Glad to help/advise since now I know the tips/tricks.
Best tip is replace entire LCAs to avoid pressing out rusty old bushings if frozen up.
Use 9" Diablo Diamond Tip Carbon sawzall blades.
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