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Need some help with this black paint!

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I need some help! I just bought a 2010 Lexus IS250 that's black (not my choice, that was what the wifey picked out)...

Anyways we've had it for a few days and washed it once. So tonight I had some time and thought I'd wax it since its new and the paint is still flawless. I bought some Meguiars Gold Class since it was recommended by a friend. I used my random orbital buffer to apply and to remove....

Long story short, it smeared the hell out of it. I used a terry cloth pad & a wool pad and nothing seemed to help. I eventually took a cloth with hot water and removed the smeared up mess.

I'm not new to waxing cars... but I could use some advice on which wax to use for a smear free finish. In the past I used Eagle 1 Wet, but you can't find the stuff anymore.

Any advice is welcomed!
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Black is the most beautiful color when done correctly. Are you using a cheap Sears type polisher or a Porter Cable? I would invest a couple hundred bucks in a nice PC, pads, polishes and some micro fiber towels. That black paint will thank you.

As for a better product, you'll find the easiest to work with products online. A few great sealants are FK1 1000p, P21S/S100, Klasse AIO/SG, Duragloss, Zaino Z2/Z5. You wont have any smearing issues with those.

Thanks for the reply! I've got a cheapy buffer.. I think its a craftsman. I'll look into a better unit, are the Porter Cables the best? What type of pad is best to use?

Also, where can I purchase those brand of waxes at?
Thanks guys!
1 - 3 of 9 Posts
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