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Just got a 2004 Landcruiser last month & am looking to upgrade the GPS disk for the latest available in the market.I have contacted local Toyota dealerships within a 25 radius and none of them are consistent with their prices which scares me.I just was at e-bay trying to locate the right upgrade as well as but I'm unsure which part I need to purchase. This Nav sysytem is all new to me. The dealership where I purchased my vehicle really didn't have much to offer in terms of missing manuals such as accessories I pressumed came with the vehicle.
So recently I started buying my own parts and accessories to put this truck back in shape like it should be. So far the last version this vehicle had in terms of GPS/Navigation system dates back in '04. The only reason why I say that is the amount of roads and business establishments around me still doesn't exist nwithin the map.
I would like to learn where and which part is required for this vehicle so I know for sure what I'm looking for during my search.
Please advise!
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