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Hello, all.

Just joined the board after buying a used black 03 Sequoia Limited with about 115K Km on the odo. Previously owned a 96 4Runner Limited and sold it with 340K on it. 4Runner was in better shape to drive than the Sequoia, which needed new brakes all around, and still needs a few things.

Needed more room for a growing family, as 4Runner just wont fit 3 child seats in any sort of useable way. No VSC issues on Sequoia at the moment, but was yaw sensor? just fixed a few months ago by previous owner. Sadly, I am not covered by recent VSC recall which was announced the day I bought this truck.

Still needs new set of tires, an air filter, and I would like to upgrade the exhaust.

So I could use a few pointers / advice on what parts to buy.

I'm looking for:

-Cold Air Intake- was thinking of Volant as they are reputable and I know they work OK, but open to other possibilities. Injen seems pretty cheap, but no one mentions them. Are they any good? Where's the cheapest place to buy Volant that ships to Canada?
-Exhaust- Have heard of Magnaflow / TRD as options. Are there others? I like a mellow idle but some deep snarl when you get on it. (Think of Ford Mustang exhaust note and that is pretty much the V8 sound I lust after.) Cost is a big factor in my choosing an exhaust, but I live in Canada too, so stainless is probably worth doing. Ideal set up would be larger than stock diameter as I intend to look at headers and y-pipe / H-pipe as funds permit.
-A set of 20" wheels (for summer use only)- I hate the "Dub" look so don't want anything bigger than this and would probably like to stick with a good six spoke wheel like the Enkei RT6, but have looked at some wheels by Boss, Black Rhino, and I am also very tempted to be a little different and buy these:

They are also available in chrome, which I also like. What do you think?

Thanks in advance and happy to be part of the forum.

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