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I have always been a Toyota guy and have a 03 Sequoia, 01 LS430, and a 95 turbo Supra.

I had purchased a 06 5.4 XLT F150 in December 05 for our shop truck. It was nice but its time has come, I got $17,500 for a trade-in value on a 07 white 5.7 Limited DC NAV ect, sticker was $39k got it for $38k, not bad...

The F-150 felt like a toy compared to this Tundra, even parked next to it after the test drive and side by side it made the F-150 look miniscule.

My daily-d is the LS430 but I have been driving the Tundra all the time!

You should have sold the Ford privatly, cruise ships are buying the frames for anchors, and paying top dollar.
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