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Hi all, got a new Tundra a few weeks ago and I have a few questions.
One of the options that came on the truck is the clear shield for the front...3P is the option code I think. Does anyone know to what extent they install this shield?
The only area that it is clearly visible is on the leading edge of the hood. I would think that for the price $395. that the whole front end would be covered, but I can not see any seams/edges other than what goes across the hood. I asked salesman and he didn't know either.

I see others here like to level their trucks and use a 3/1 lift setup. Is it possible to just lower the rear about 1 1/2 to 2" to get roughly the same effect of levelness. How would I go about this lowering?

I'm sure as time goes on I'll have more questions and comments and hope I can add to this forum.

I am not new to Toyota's, having owned nothing but Toyota's since my first in '84, an '84 Supra White w/Gray, '87 4-Runner Red w/ Gray, '88 Turbo Supra Red w/ Gray, multiple years of Camry's, 4 that I can remember, an '01 4-Runner LTD White w/Gray, '01 Sequoia White w/ Gray, 1 Rav4, 1 '09 Tacoma CM TRD,traded that in for the new Tundra.
Currently have '06 Sequoia LTD White w/Gray, '10 Tundra LTD CM TRD Black w/RedRock, '94 TT Supra, Red w/saddle 35,000 original miles. All were bought new from the local Toyota dealer and they love me. Also have 3 Ducati's and 1 BMW motorcycles and a '88 Lamborghini Countach Red w/Black with about 6,000 miles.
I do most of the work on them myself...thankfully the Toyota's have never needed much in the way of repairs.

The only thing I've done on the Tundra so far is reversed the white letters on the BFG's...never was a fan of white walls or lettering on tires. Also yesterday installed a Access Limited Tonneau Cover...had the same on the Tacoma and it worked good for me on that so the Tundra got one too.

Things I would like to do to the Tundra are find some 20" platinum wheels and tires, tint front windows,lower the rear to level and I'm sure there are other things I haven't even thought about yet.
Thanks for listening and for any comments or suggestions.


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