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My dad has a 2000 Tundra 2WD V8. About two months ago he started to get the dreaded pulsing/vibration issue when braking. It happens at all speeds, but is much worst when braking at high speeds. When it first started happening I figured it was the rotors. I ordered a set of rotors from Napa, (I had already replace the pads about two months earlier) installed them and still had the issue. The following weekend, I put in new pads thinking maybe the issue was the older pads on the warped rotors. Still no luck. I saw on this site that maybe the calipers were the issue so I ordered a set from Napa and brake lines and replaced them yesterday and still no luck. I even attempted to parking break test to see if it was the rear brakes causing the issue and definitely not rear brakes as I feel not vibration or pulsing.

The brakes feel unresponsive and will vibrate the steering wheel and I can feel the brake pedal give up and down feedback.

This is what I have done over a period of two months:

replace rotors
replace pads
replace calipers
replace brake lines
bleed all four brakes multiple times

At this point I have no idea what this issue can be. Someone please help!!!!!:mad:

Thanks ahead of time for the help.

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Remmy700P, thanks for the reply. Is this easily fixed by scrubbing the hub with a metal brush?

It should be, depending on the type and level of corrosion. Some have had to address it with a wire wheel. Just be careful that you don't remove metal material (i.e. see sparks flying) if you go this route, and be careful of the lug threads as well.
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