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hello, All,

Just bought a Certified used 2012 Highlander Hybrid Limited with 800 miles on it (used for 2 months only!). I was really looking for a 2009 or newer BMW X5 diesel which costs around $35K, but ran into this one and only 2012 'used' Highlander hybrid instead. As you may already figure out, I am buying a fuel efficient SUV either a diesel or a hybrid. The BMW will return 26MPG on the hwy and Highlander Hybrid shall return 28MPG. The fun factor on BMW due to its huge torque (425!!) from diesel is way bigger than Toyota. However as I told my wife, buying a Highlander is the safest bet. Although it's not exciting, it won't go wrong in the long run. Therfore we offered a price which is $2K below KBB and on par with Edmunds on the Highlander. To our surprise, the dealer took the offer as we walked out and we now have a 'used new SUV'. I also have a 2010 Prius hybrid. So I know how hybrid works. By just driving less than 10 miles locally and 7 miles on hwy, I felt the EPA 28 city and 28 hwy may be hard to achieve on HH. With Prius, I used to achieve real average 52mpg combined for 2 years over 50000 miles total traveling 405. Would like to hear what you guys have achieved so far on your HH.

Thanks for your comments and look forward to your sound advices.

-- hschen --
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