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New tires!

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I just got some 285/65/18s installed on my truck. They make it look more like a truck now. What PSI should I run in them? I dont know what Discount put them at. Here is a pic, and yes I know I need to mow my yard that is tomorrow.

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They ride great, they seem to soak up the bumps better than my wore out bridgestone dwellers. I had bf goodrich all terrain on my old Dakota and they lasted forever with no problems. I say they are worth the extra cash, over the other brands. I .expect to get least 45 to 50k out of them if rotated.
By the way discount aired the up to 37 psi all around. I think I might bump them up to an even 40. What you guys think?
1 - 3 of 4 Posts
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