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new tires?

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looking to get new tires for my 2004 Sienna and was wondering what tires you guys have, how do you like them and what do you reccommend?
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I purchased Michelin Harmonys for the 02 Sienna about 15k miles ago. They ride absolutely wonderful in all New England weather. I've been sold on Michelin for a number of years and find their products are worth the slight cost increase in performance and aggrevation factor (re-balancing, dealing with shops...etc). I had to return the Goodyears that the sleezman (I mean salesman) talked me into after 3k miles. After 2 return balancing trips they still vibrated like crap at 65mph right through the steering wheel and FLOORBOARDS. No re-alighment or anything different, put on the Michelins...rode smooth as glass.
I just got the Nokian WR's great if you drive in the snow or lots of rain (and where you live, you might LOL), you don't need to replace tires in the fall.
I have a 06 Sienna awd ltd. The factory B380 tires are wore out at 23,000 miles. I have heard GREAT reviews on the Goodyear Assurance Comfortread. But this tire is not a run flat, like the factory tires. Since their is no spare tire, should I replace the worn tires with the same brand, or move up to the Goodyear?
Here's the rtesponse I got to my similar question:

---Quote (Originally by swlaw)---
*Sienna AWD 15k RunFlat Tire Replacement*

The runflat tires on the Sienna AWD are "good" for about 15k miles and cost twice a normal tire.

I want to replace with real tires.

Anyone know where to get a donut spare? Any place to store it?
---End Quote---
A FULL size spare will fit into the compartment that the "60" part of the 60/40 third row fold down seats normally collapses into.

I bought a good condition used stock sized 17 inch tire for $30.00 and put it on a 17 inch regular steel rim. It fits like a glove. I put a universal sized velcro wrapper / carrier on it and lay it down axle side up. This maximizes the cargo space in that compartment.

Since there is no room outside underneath the AWD models for mounting a spare, you might as well have a full size as opposed to a compact since it inconveniences the storage just about as much.

I leave the "60" of the 60/40 side third row seat up and the "40" side down. If I need to, I can pull the spare out, lower the seat into the floor and find room for the spare inside after I load whatever it is I needed to put the seat down to carry.

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15k life for the run flats? Holy Crap! And I thought my 22k life I got on my first set for my 05 was bad!

My current set are Michelin's, but I don't recall the model off the top of my head.
If you have already purchased your tires, this info won't help you, but I wanted to post some feedback on my second set of tires that just had to be replaced.

About a year ago, I replaced my original tires with a set of Goodyear Assurance Comfort Treads. Not real cheap, and supposed to be a good set of tires. At 25,000 miles they began to seperate and the ride got real bad. The Goodyear shop I bought them from said these tires are not a good tire to put on the Sienna (apparently), and they had been seeing a lot of problems with these tires. The Goodyears had been rotated every 5 - 7 k miles.

They prorated them out and now I have a set of Cooper CS4 Touring T's. Van drives like new again, but only time will tell if they hold up. They are 80,000 mile tires but that never means anything.
I am on my second set of Michlelin Harmony's. They are great tires for the van.

Drive good and have straight tread so they are quiet.

Got 62K on first set, so we bought another set. Only problem I see is that the size for my van 215/65/15 is made in Canada, would have rather had a set made in US.

Other size Michlelin tires are made in US.

Good Luck with your new set of tires,

Remember: a bad set of tires can make the best car/van perform poorly.
I purchased Michelin Harmonys for the 02 Sienna

second set we have had on van, drive, ride great, got about 55K miles out of them

would have gotten more but they started the old michelin problem of sidewall cracking, was afraid they might blow out on side wall.

but they drive so good, got another set.

Note: if you buy a set check build date on side of tire, tire manufactures do not make many 15" so they may try to sell you a set of warehouse queens.

The set I got was 17 months old when placed on my car. I complained, but did no good as there were no other tires (Michelin Harmonys) available at that time and mama likes them.
I got rid of my run flats a very long time ago, I have a 2004 (purchased in 2003) AWD. While I got a spare tire, I never actually bothered bringing it with me. I am taking chance. The van has 100K miles, and we are on the second set of COOPER tires. Each set seems to last abour 40k miles.
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