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Gents, hope you're well; greetings from SW FL!

Just last weekend I picked up a 2005 Tundra SR5 V-8 with 109k miles. It's very clean, NO rust, and serviced regularly it's entire life (35 service records).

That said, having owned older land cruisers I understand how important base-lining older trucks is, and I will be doing that ASAP, e.g. timing belt, wp, fluids, etc. However, my principal concern is something seemingly not as preventative, and that is the AIP...

Truthfully how much of an issue is the AIP? The more I read about it I feel it's comparable to the head-gasket 'issues' that plagued older land cruisers (or at least their owners!) While the AIP is seemingly OK on my truck thus far, for my peace of mind, is it worth bypassing altogether to be more pro-active? In FL we don't have to worry about inspections/emissions, etc. so what are your thoughts?

If you feel bypassing/eliminating the AIP is the way to go may I ask for a link, details, etc.? Admittedly I'd like to do it ASAP if so otherwise it will be on my mind.

In addition, is there a link or source for the factory service manual?

Thanks, All!

P.S. If it makes any difference in terms of the AIP the truck has always been a FL truck.
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