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New to site. Very Specific Question

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Hey everybody. I'm glad I found this site. I will most likely be getting a new Tundra within three months, so i'm doing some research on it. Out of everything that I looked at, it looks great. The question I have will be followed with the customized Tundra that I created on the Toyota web site, for it is pretty much exactly what I want.


I went to the dealer today. I asked him questions about the truck options that I picked out below. He said there would be a problem. He said that because I live in Chicago, I am OUT OF REGION for the TRD Off-Road Package. He said that for some reason Toyota thought that people in Illinois would not like this off-road option. I obviously disagreed.

He told me that because this TRD is out of region, Toyota in TEXAS will have to build the truck with every option that I picked, EXCEPT for the TRD option. They would then have to send the truck to MICHIGAN, where they are in region and would then set up the TRD package. Then the dealerships would have to trade trucks, from Michigan and Chicago, and I would obviously have to pay that charge.

Have any of you ever heard of this? Did anybody ever get told they were out of region? If it comes down to, heck, I'll make the deal over the phone in Michigan and go pick it up myself.

Any input would be great. I also promise to never write a post this long again.

Standard Bed, Regular Cab, 4x4, 5.7-Liter V8, Tundra, 6-Speed Automatic

Option F
Cold kit includes-heavy-duty battery, heavy-duty starter, enhanced anti-corrosion protection, windshield wiper de-icer grid with timer, 50 state emissions, All weather mats, Cloth bucket seats with passenger-side fold-flat and 2-way adjustable headrests, driver-side power 10-way adjustable, passenger-side manual 4-way adjustable, tilt/telescopic steering wheel, console shifter, trip computer and center console box, Front skid plate, Heated outside mirrors, Mudguards, front and rear-black,
TRD Off-Road Package includes off-road-tuned suspension, unique 18-in. alloy wheels with P275/65R18 BFGoodrich® tires, fog lamps, front tow hooks, TRD Off-Road Package graphics, sliding rear window with privacy glass, colored-keyed upper and chrome lower front bumper with chrome grille surround and rear bumper, engine skid plate, power windows and door locks, cruise control, remote keyless entry system, variable intermittent windshield wipers, SR5 fabric, carpet flooring, SR5 badge
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That would be ridiculous if true, considering that the eBrochure for your region has this option combo clearly listed. The dealers are trying very hard to move their regular cabs, right now, so I wouldn't put it past them to BS you so that you will take one that they have on the lot. You mean there aren't ANY TRDs on the lot right now?
I'm in the Chicago area and picked up my DC three weeks ago. TRD package was included right off the lot.
The guy is definitely trying to get you to get something off of their lot... don't buy into it...
Thats just more of the regional availability of certains configurations. Check zip code 72404 though if youre open to white. There is a 4x4 5.7 reg. cab w/ trd sittin on the lot here.
You have run into a salesman who has just enough information to be dangerous. He has a little bit of the story right, but not enough to speak with any credibility.

Each region has a distributor who orders trucks from the factory. The dealers DO NOT place the order. The distributor tells the dealerships what color and configuration will be built for that region. The dealers tell the distributor what trucks we want out of that pool of trucks and with any luck, they give us those particular trucks.

So, what happens if your region doesn't get a particular option package? Well, we then have to do a dealer exchange with a region that does order then in the way you want it. This is not easy and it rarely works. Out of region dealers don't want to trade with dealers that are so far away and will usually tell the calling dealer that they are out of luck.

I'm in VA and I can't tell you how the Chicago region is ordering its trucks. I can tell you that in the Central Atlantic Region, 60% of the D-cab SR5 with the standard bed and 5.7 will have the Off Road and Buckets plus a few other things.
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Thanks a lot everyone. You all helped me out and I really appreciate it. I'll be back with more questions as time goes on.
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