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Hello all, brand new to this site. I've have had my 03 SR5 since 2010, she's got 145K miles, knock wood not a problem. I had some extra scoots and decided to update my rig just got it finished, this is what I've done so far:
Old Man Emu; ft struts, coils
Old Man Emu; rear coils, shocks
SPC; upper control arms
Lower ball joints
Rear lower control arms
L&R upper control arms
Diff drop
3/4in coil spacers
Vision 17X9 -12mm offset wheels
33X12.5 Geolandar MT G003 tires
After I got it back, I noticed that when cornering above 40mph the VSM warning comes on. When I straighten it out it stops the warning.
I've read when you start the lamp should light and go out after the engine starts indicating the system is good to go.
Anyone out there have there VSM warn when cornering?
Love the camaraderie on the site...


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