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New Tonneau Cover - Undercover

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I installed a new Undercover Tonneau this past week. Took the truck on a three day trip to L.A. and it performed wonderfully. The cover installed without difficulty - although I think I have it just a tad too far back, so I am going to play with the alignment today.

Great cover, works as promised. I purchased it from Rack-n-Road after showing them the sale price I found on They had it here in one day.

Have a great weekend.



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Nice truck. I really like my Undercover also. I have a white DC Limited and it really looks good. Goes good with the other black trim on the truck. Plus, I'm lazy in my old age and I don't have to wax it or worry about it getting scratched. Yeah, you may have to adjust a little, I did. The guy installed it in the exact same position on both sides. But, when I got home it was touching a little in the right rear corner of the bed. I moved the left front hardware back just a very small amount and that made it perfect. I would recommend this cover to anyone.
I need something so I can lock my bed and I have about decided the Undercover is the best of both worlds for ease of removing and being able to lock the bed. Have you guys had yours in rain/carwash? How water-tight/resistant is it? How good are the locks? How easy is it to remove?

I have a bed liner that covers the front (cab-side) of the bed. Will I have to cut this off or will the cover fit fine?

Also, I live down here in TX where it has already been 80+ degrees. Does it get to some unbelievable temps under that black cover?
I can take some measurements of the temp on Wednesday. I'll try to follow up then.

I'll also take a look at the front corners of the cover - I think if water were to come in to the bed it would be through there.

I thought maybe you had the cover out in a storm. I've heard that most of them leak a little bit, but maybe that's only in extreme situations.
So, anybody have an Undercover and some information about leaks? I'm still curious.
I have an Undercover on a double cab Tundra and it is great. I've never seen any leaks.
I checked some temperatures inside the bed today. Outside temp was around 78 or so. Truck was in the driveway with the covered bed facing directly at the sun. I measured 108 degrees in the bed using the same thermometer.

It will get hot under this tonneau cover when summer comes!

Also - regarding water: I washed the truck the other day and did not get a drop inside. I took a picture of the area where I think water would come in should it decide to do so. This is taken where the cover meets the mounting hardware near the cab of the truck. The cover is a different shape here where the cutout meets the tab on the mounting hardware. There is an area where the cover is notched out somewhat. Notice the rubber flap that keeps water out of the bed when you open the cover itself.

Hope this helps you with your decisions. This is a very nice cover IMHO. I am really happy with the entire purchase/install and function of the top. You should see the box it comes in. These guys spend a lot of money to make sure your top makes it to you looking perfect.



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I have a 05 White DC and put this cover on about two years ago. It still looks like brand new. Weather seems to have no effect on that Geloy finish. Totally happy with the cover, and as an added extra benefit, you can stand on it to wash the top of the truck!
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