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Hi, I just don't know the answer to these questions and would really appreciate your help. I have a 2004 Tundra Complete Cab (4dr) with V-8. I am going to purchase a travel trailer but am confused on total weight and hitch weight. My vehicle book says 6800 lbls. I am looking at two trailers. one has an empty weight of 4300 and load of 2300 lbs with hitch weight of 440 lbs. The other shows empty weight of 5300 lbs, load of 3000, and hitch weight of 650 lbs. Can someone please tell me the max empty weight, and max hitch weight I can have? I sure would appreciate an answer. Thanks a lot! Slim

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I have a 2wd 2000 Tundra Limited with a posted tow
rating of 7200, I pull a 5400 lb trailer with about
1,000 of stuff and used a Hensley Hitch which has
anti sway and an equilizer. I'm probably at the
limit of the truck but it has 80+K on it and it is
working out well.
The hitch works into the payload and weight limits
of the truck. The dry weight of the trailer + every
little think you put in it works into the weight of
the trailer and it's limits. Subtract that from the
capability of the trucks towing and that will give
you what you need to know.

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Figuring out the max you can tow just requires some simple math:

11,800 GCWR (Gross Combined Weight Rating of your Tundra. This is the max that the truck and trailer with all stuff in them can weigh)
- actual weight of empty truck (go weigh it)
- all the stuff you plan to have in the truck while towing (humans, gear, etc...)
= max GVW of trailer

6600 lbs GVWR of your Tundra (max your Tundra can weigh)
- actual weight of empty truck
- all the stuff you plan to have in the truck while towing
= max hitch weight of trailer

Substitute in your numbers and those are your limits.

Here's an example I provide of the weights I am towing:

11,800 lbs (GCWR of my truck)
- 5000 lbs (actual empty weight of my truck. I weighed it.)
- 500 lbs of water bags (me, wife, 2 kids, 2 dogs)
- 500 lbs cargo (wood, genset, bikes, etc...)
= 5,800 lbs (max weight of trailer I can pull, spec says 6,800 lbs max tow rating)

My trailer weighs 5200 lbs, loaded (I weighed it, several times) I'm good here.

6600 lbs (GVWR of my truck)
- 5000 lbs (empty weight of my truck)
- 500 lbs of water bags
- 500 lbs of cargo
= 600 lbs left over This is the max hitch weight I can handle

I cannot overemphasize that dry weights and curb weights do not qualify to be used for determining if you can tow something. They are always wrong and always light. My trailer has a dry weight of 4170 lbs. It weighed 4680 lbs right off the dealer's lot with NOTHING in it and weighs a minimum 5200 lbs when towing. The hitch weight is listed as 367 lbs and is actually 700 lbs when towing.

Based on my experience, the heavier trailer you have listed will easily exceed your wright ratings. The first one looks reasonable but it depends how much stuff you plan to load up in the truck while towing.

Anyway, do the math and let's see what you max limits are.


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Thanks very much. The information you provided will definitely help me decide. Again, I appreciate you help and am very glad I discovered this forum. You folks are Great!
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