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New Windshield - not sealed on sides

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I had a new windshield put in my 06 DC yesterday. When i picked it up, it was dark so didnt notice any flaws. Today, while looking at the install - The side rubber gasket looking things dont touch the window on both sides (drivers and passengers), so dirt, rocks, etc can slip in under the seal between the glass and rubber. I called the installer back (Novus Glass) and he told me to bring it in after 3 days, so the sealer cures and he will check it out. He stated there is not adjustment for the seal though and said he may have to do some cutting. Anyone have any experience with this? I dont know what to do! Thanks for any help. The glass he installed was PMG I believe.
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The installer put to much sealer.

I had a 99 4runner that had a leaky windshield. Had a local trusted shop look at it and said the previous installer put to much sealer in where the glass sits. Said I was lucky that I didn't get into and accident. Get a good trusted glass installer to look at it.

Yeah it was prob cheap for install, but this is one thing you don't want to cheap out on!!!
Too much sealer? I would think too little since there is a gap and the window doesnt sit out as far. Here is a pic.

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I will look at mine tomorrow and see if it touches, I have had mine replaced as well.
Mine touches on both sides but I have an AC with the original glass (as far as I know...bought used). I don't know if there's a difference between the AC and DC windshields but hopefully they installed the right one.
Too much sealer? I would think too little since there is a gap and the window doesnt sit out as far. Here is a pic.

I just checked 5 Tundras out back and they all touch the windshield
It's either the wrong windshield
or it's installed wrong.
My bad on the comment about sealer read your post too fast LOL. Deff installed wrong.
My situation I had too much installed and was sitting too far out and not even. Good luck
I had a similar thing happen when I got the windshield replaced on a 1995 BMW M3. The trim did not touch the glass around the perimeter of the windshield. I got my insurance company involved and forced the glass shop to redo it. They had me go to a shop in the same chain in a larger town where the people were more experienced with BMWs, and it came out right that time. I don't know what was done differently, but if it's not done like factory, I'd figure out how to motivate them to make it right.
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