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Looking to upgrade the stereo in my 06 limited AC tundra (6 disc changer) in the next few months. I am not going to spend a lot of money... id like to keep it under 500. I have looked around (and searched) and there are so many ways to go, i just dont know what to do. \Id like to keep the stock head unit if possible. What do you think the best thing to do is?

1. stock HU going to a 4 channel amp that powers some nice (60watt) speakers in the front and rear; keep other 2 channels to power tweeters
2. Replace HU, run preamps to a 4 channel amps; power one 10" sub with 2 channels briged, power upgraded front speakers with the other two channels, and power the stock rear speakers and tweeters with the 20w outputs from the HU
3. Keep speakers stock, use this AudioLink PowerLink II Line Output Converter at to power a sub and amp.
any other ideas?
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I wouldn't even worry about the rear speakers. With not a whole lot of interior space to fill, I would just worry about a solid amped front stage and a sub. You'll be suprised how quickly you'll forget about rear speakers. Some amps like Kicker (shameless plug) feature a built in high input converter so they can be ran directly off the headunit. If you're looking to replace the front stage, it probably wouldn't be a good idea to use the factory tweeters as they'll probably start canceling out with whichever aftermarket ones you use.
you dont neeed that part unless you keep the factory deck...i would go with a radio with 3preouts so it will handle a 2ch and a 4ch....i wouldnt run the tweeters to the ampcause your just going to blow them out
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