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Figured I'd pop in and say hello. I know there a stickie there already but I figured I needed my own. ;) Well I don't have a Tundra yet but this is what I want (don't know if it's possible):

Crewmax 4x4
Color: The Pewter looking one
Engine: 5.7
Need Nav system, leather but don't want to pay for the Limited price. Is this even possible. I'd like to keep the 18" rims on it but get bigger tires that fill out the wheel well difference (will need your guys' help here) That's about it.

Oh I'm from the Sacramento area so any tips on getting a good price would be appreciated.

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Out here in California, apparently you're not going to be able to find a NAV system on a SR5, so you'll have to get the limited or order a SR5. The leather is on the limited only, but you can get that aftermarket if you want.

I would actually order the SR5 and get the aftermarket leather, but if you want factory leather, Limited is the only way to go.

As for a deal, I'd suggest talking to this guy... he works at San Fran Toyota, he seems like a good guy:

Couldn't hurt to ask.

Good luck with your purchase. :)
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