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No Backup Camera for Hawaii

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I'm been waiting for the Tundras to come out since they first annouced of the redesign. I went to the only dealer on Maui and asked about the Backup Camera. The salesperson said that only front and rear sonar is available for Hawaii. Anyone else from Hawaii know if this is true.

Also anyone willing to ship a tundra to Hawaii?

Looking either for DC/Crewmax Limited 5.7L 4x4 TRD. I asked the salesperson about pricing but didn't bother to bargain as of yet. $44-45k for the DC and $47-48k for the Crewmax (seems like MSRP).

I am still undecided on the exact model due to bedsize (construction) and interior spacing (family of 2 kids) but would like to have some of these options.

Backup camera - No Nav (Don't think I'll get lost)
6 Disc In-dash CD changer

DC Pro - Longer bed
Crewmax Pro - Interior space/Reclining Rear/ Power Vertical Rear Window

Wish I could order one the way I like it.

5.7L Crewmax Limited 4x4 TRD w 6.5 ft bed without the leather, 6 Disc in-dash CD changer (premium stereo package), backup camera, bedrails. If you're wondering why not go with an SR5, I want the optitron guages, color-keyed front bumper, and the chrome accents on the side mirrors and door handles.

Aftermarket accessories would include an alarm w/remote start and roll down windows, rollup tonneau cover (either RETRAX or Truck Covers USA, unless anyone else got any recommendations) and a spray-on bed liner (no Line-X dealers on Maui)

I'll probably wait a little longer for a better deal on the Tundra and maybe get to custom order one.
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The back up camera is a dealer installed option on trucks without navigation. The truck is prewired for it, so you could order the parts and put it on yourself. Also, you can get a color keyed front bumper without the limited package.
Heading back to Paia this weekend for a little while. Any swells to be heard of? Poni said that Ho'okipa was nice a couple weeks ago.
Maybe they figure you don't need to back up in an island, just keep driving and soon you'll be back in the same spot just stop a Little sooner.:clown:
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